validopinions said: Hey, fellow Mac user here, mind if I ask how you installed Emofuri successfully? :)


EmoFuri Mac installation


not as extensive as it looks!!-

It involves downloading a program called Wine specifically made to allow Windows programs to run on a Mac especially for those annoying exe files. It is a simulation of Windows but not exactly. You can download it here and I’ve had no problems with it~ [link]

First you download this program, two things should download. Wine and WineBottler. Drag those straight into your Applications. Now, click on the 'Wine' application first. A message should come up saying that it’s an internet application and if you want to open it. Click open. Then do something with WineBottler /i can’t remember but it doesn’t do much/ On the top of your screen where your airport, bluetooth icons are etc there should be an icon of a wine glass. image

Click that and select control panel (all you have to do is click it) and it should automatically add a file called 'WineFiles' to your Home Folder /that lil house icon folder in your Finder/. If it asks you to change prefixs or a tab for winetricks come up, click out of prefixs and click apply to winetricks (even if there’s nothing in it) since they’re pretty worthless.

Ok. Since EmoFuri only runs on Windows Vista, 7 and 8, you will have to go into the ‘Configuration' section in your little wineglass icon up top. (It looks like as if it was in Windows!) Where it says Windows version,  change it from Windows XP to Windows 8 so Emofuri can work.



To be able to run EmoFuri, you need to change your system locale to Japanese. On the Mac, you enter your System Preferences -> Language & Texts -> Formats.

Tick the box saying ‘show all regions’ and select Japanese since the program will just crash. (Don’t worry, changing the system locale does nothing, for me it just changed the date to japanese!)

That’s all you have to do in that section. IMPORTANT: Make sure you download EmoFuri AFTER you change your system locale!

Now download EmoFuri! When it downloads, drag it straight into your WineFiles -> drive_c -> windows.

Right click it and select open with, and open it with Wine! (it’s still exe. this is where Wine fixes that!)

A tab then pops up 'you are about to open a Wine file.' Make sure to select the first option ‘run directly in [/users/yourhomename/winefiles]’

Don’t select the one below that says convert because that made it crash!


INSTALL EMOFURI: -warning, Japanese-

I followed these instructions here [link] under ‘Let’s get Started!’ on the third paragraph. /the paragraphs above only apply to Windows users./

It should run you through what to click.

WHEN YOU’VE DONE THAT, go back into your WineFiles -> drive_c -> program files and the folder EmoteMovieMaker should be there. Through that there is a folder called template, in it go to the file called PSD and there you have it!! The template psd files is what you use!! 8D

/don’t ask me how to use EmoFuri I only recently got it, I have no idea xD/


Should look like this-


There are no binding lines (which it should have) but it hasn’t been a problem for me. When saving as a gif, it is common for the program to crash. So I suggest saving it as individual frames and creating a gif in another program. For me I used PhotoScape X.




PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS USERS, IF YOU CANNOT ACCESS LAYOR FOLDERS, shoot me a message because that is fixable!!



ay so lets do this real simple 1 winner will be chosen on SEPTEMBER 6th!
reblog to enter, u dont have to follow!!!!!!!!!! i will be coming to ur town!!!! 


ay so lets do this real simple 1 winner will be chosen on SEPTEMBER 6th!

reblog to enter, u dont have to follow!!!!!!!!!! i will be coming to ur town!!!! 

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PEACHKIDD turned 2 today!

PEACHKIDD turned 2 today!


Cartoon Bully Stereotype Collection

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“I’m an adult, but not like a real adult”
— anyone between the ages of 18 and 25 (via prettyboystyles)

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These tweets from @OfRedAndBlue are very important.

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The thing that kills me about “Ur So Gay” is that Katy isn’t singing about a boyfriend who actually turned out to be gay. She’s using “gay” as an insult, because the guy was effeminate, not conforming to her expected gender roles. She shames him for being thin and wearing makeup. 

In the opening line of the song she says he should kill himself. 

But, you know, baby you’re a firework or whatever. 

Which is why I don’t understand why people even like her.

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